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Compliance is a well known practice for get your company up-to-date with the country's laws. Count us in to help your company to get ready for the future.

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Specialized Consultancy

We build more robust and adherent processes.

Experienced Consultants

Specialized professionals experienced in the market.

Management Systems

We are able to carry out structuring processes.


Our own online IT platform to help your company.

Who is CAB Brazil

About Us

CAB - Compliance Advisory Brazil is a consultancy that aims to spread the concepts of Compliance, GDPR, Integrity, Risk Management, Ethics and Governance in organizations.

Angélica Ribeiro Co-Founder

Main Services

Compliance Consultancy

Compliance and GDPR Consultancy

Through a team of specialized consultants, we assist our clients in the implementation and management of compliance programs and compliance with GDPR.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management is essential for organizations to be able to prepare for the unexpected, minimizing the adverse effects of risk. We help you identify, assess and control threats to your company's capital and profits.

Denouncement Channel

Denouncement Channel

Any company that has a robust and well-structured compliance program must have reporting channels that make it possible to receive important information about conduct or wrongdoing.


Beyond common expertise

Why CAB is a company specialized in the whole context in the subjects “Compliance”, “LGPD” and “Governance”. We have experienced professionals from various segments, which gives us the certainty of excellence in the provision of our services.

  • Exclusive IT Application

    We have our own platform that assists us in providing services related to compliance.

  • Market Experience

    We are able to serve all market segments and their respective demands, due to the strong experience of our professionals and extensive knowledge of the subjects.

  • Excellent Technical Support

    CAB advises its clients during and after providing its services, generating a partnership between companies.

Exclusive IT Application

Different of everything on the market

We own our own custom-made IT platform capable of give support to our clients on Compliance, Risk Management, Denouncement Channel and other tasks.

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